Receive quotes and trade with tymoraPRO live through the following entities:
Fusion DMA / Blackwood Pro - full depth of book and multi-route algo execution for stocks
FXCM Forex - forex data + execution via ForexConnect
Infinity Futures AT - full emini futures depth of book

tymoraPRO is also compatible with live real-time exchange data from ActiveTick (just $19.95/mo + exchange fees), eSignal/QCharts, ThinkOrSwim (via DDE), TD Ameritrade, Bloomberg (via DDE),, MarketFeed, and RealTick.

Membership pricing for tymoraPRO tradeSCAN starts at $50/month for the GOLD level, and $100/month for PLATINUM (or just about $3/day), with annual prepay discounts available. Sign up now for a free 30-day trial of tymoraPRO!

tymoraPRO StrategyBuilder / RePLAY empowers you to quickly and easily play back and study the entire market, as well as BUILD, BACKTEST, and LIVE TRADE partially or fully automated trading strategies and robots for stocks, forex, and futures using the full power of tymoraPRO's scanning features. Gain the ultimate trading edge based on your preferred trading style and risk tolerance, with a level of automation that makes you comfortable. You can even manually adjust positions, targets, and stops on the fly, and your strategies will automatically adjust. To learn more, watch some of our YouTube videos now!

tymoraPRO tradeSCAN is a professional trader's most powerful trading tool. Whether scalping, swing-trading, managing multiple portfolios, or scanning for the next great trading opportunity, tymoraPRO defines the next generation of charting, analytics, alerts, screening, news scanning, and execution, by utilizing proprietary algorithms to analyze every trade, bid, offer, and even how other Players "move" their quotes. Scan thousands of stocks, forex, and futures Quickly identify assets "in play" and on the move Multi-timeframe Charting with programmable indicators Multi-timeframe Scanning and Alert Generation Around-the-Clock asset screening and news scanning Execution and Portfolio Management Capabilities Track and Sort multiple Watch Lists in Real-Time Customize features and indicators via tymoraScript Realistic text-to-speech voice prompts and alerts Hyperfast client/server-based alert engine Native Windows client for speed and stability Combine multiple data feeds for maximum reliability.