Secrets of Managing and Increasing Wealth

Alexander Paul Morris, creator of the tymoraPRO Trading Platform, may be available for select mentoring and speaking engagements. Mr. Morris is also available for featured interviews, and can speak of and discuss monetary issues, investing, and trading the markets from a unique and refreshing perspective that is guaranteed to entice, captivate, and capture the attention of any audience interested in what it takes to make their money grow.

Mr. Morris determined that in order to trade the markets by means of his unique views, concepts, and analysis, he would have to build his own trading platform, and that’s exactly what he did! Learn new trading strategies and how to utilize tymoraPRO to find powerful opportunities and trade them.

In the markets, it’s amazing how many people can be both “right” and “wrong” at the same time, and still lose money even when they were “right”. But being wrong is okay, as long as you “make it right” by properly managing the situation. If this rings a bell for you, then you may be a candidate that can benefit from Mr. Morris’ guidance.

  • Learn the concepts of PRE-MOMENTUM trading to enter a position wholesale before the crowd, and then how to liquidate to the charged MOMENTUM players at premium+retail prices when they all storm in and panic to get a piece of the action
  • Learn How to Use the Strategies of Action/Reaction and Move/Countermove to Place the Statistical Trading Advantage Dramatically in Your Favor
  • Learn What to watch out for and Understand the correct way to analyze the top Market Makers and Institutional Participants to correctly assess the current market scenario, along with what is most likely to occur next
  • Learn How to Accurately Assess and Factor in Potential Risk/Reward
  • Effective Utilization of Technology and Advanced Trading Tools to Maximize Your Edge and Expand Your Window of Opportunity
  • How to Immediately Recognize if a stock is “in play” and whether it offers great Opportunity… or great risk
  • Understand the different characteristics of a panic/capitulation move versus a stock in trending formation and how to combine the two for Maximum Profit Potential
  • Learn the how to Detect the Optimum Time to Enter a Position while others are panicking to Dramatically Increase your Risk/Reward Ratio
  • Understand how to Identify Optimum Support/Resistance Levels and Quickly Detect via Participant Behavior and Price Action if those Levels will likely hold or present a new Opportunity in Reverse (ie. Resistance becomes Support)
  • Learn how to Combine the Knowledge of Market Symmetry, Retracement Theory, and Participant Analysis to Identify Highly Accurate Market Turning Points and Potential Target Prices
  • How to Determine if a Stock is Suitable for daytrading via volume, spread, volatility, and recent event analysis
  • Regardless of the Edge Provided by the Trading Tools you have, learn the absolute importance of a balanced psychological disposition and a clear and alert mind while trading. Learn how to tell when to take a step back from trading until you regain your “balance”, along with techniques to help you confront what is blocking you psychologically, enabling you to clear your head and refocus with the appropriate mindset
  • Learn monetary risk and “bankroll protective” money management techniques. Also gain a fascinating new perspective on how to analyze and implement option strategies to maximize your entry and exit basis cost on longer-term positions – you won’t even need a degree in rocket science to understand it!
  • Learn how to use the latest technology available to monitor your investment portfolios and complement your portfolio allocation strategy in order to maximize your long-term average gains. Instead of handing over the reigns to large Hedge Funds that take a big chunk of your profits while subjecting you to outsized risks and the whims of the overall market – take advantage of your smaller size and act as your own hedge fund where you can calculate and estimate the risks that you take.
  • Learn how the markets truly function, and why it is so easy for those in control to repeatedly clean up over the 90%+ losing players who just keep losing more.