tymoraPRO tradeSCAN Key Features
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tymoraPRO is a professional trader's most powerful trading and tape-reading tool. Whether scalping, swing-trading, HFT algo / robot auto-trading, managing multiple portfolios, or scanning for the next great trading opportunity, tymoraPRO defines the next generation of charting, analytics, alerts, screening, news scanning, and execution, by utilizing proprietary algorithms to analyze every trade, bid, offer, and even how other Players "move" their quotes.

 Scan thousands of stocks, forex, and futures
 Quickly identify assets "in play" and on the move
 Multi-timeframe Charting with programmable indicators
 Multi-timeframe Scanning and Alert Generation
 Around-the-Clock asset screening and news scanning
 Execution and Portfolio Management Capabilities
 Track and Sort multiple Watch Lists in Real-Time
 Customize features and indicators via tymoraScript
 Realistic text-to-speech voice prompts and alerts
 Hyperfast client/server-based alert engine
 Native Windows client for speed and stability
 Combine multiple data feeds for maximum reliability
tymoraPRO tradeSCAN Alerts and Scans

 Simultaneously scans, screens, and monitors thousands of assets Around-the-Clock
 Efficiently monitor advanced multi-timeframe analytics and alerts over many assets
 Organize alerts into multiple groups for easier tracking (ie. breakouts, trends, thrusts)
 Alerts accessible via tymoraScript for even more customizable functionality
 Hundreds of actionable pre-programmed screens, alerts, and modifier combinations
 Hyperfast front-end client, as most algorithms are processed server-side
tymoraPRO tradeSCAN ActiVU and HiLoVU

 ActiVU and HiLoVU windows quickly identify assets moving on volume
 Identify big %gainers and %losers in real-time as they happen
 Easily find and track assets making multiple new highs or lows
 Filter assets by price range for easier monitoring
 Color-coded to quickly spot multi-day movers and multi-month breakouts
 Meters to track long-term and short-term trends in new highs or lows
 Click to view underlying alert triggering the ActiVU/HiLoVU moves
tymoraPRO tradeSCAN Charting Features
 Tracks activity over multiple timeframes
 Automatic MTF sup/res trendline identification
 Set MTF alerts on trendline breaks
 Set MTF alerts on retracements/projections
 Overlay MTF retracements on smaller TFs
 Proprietary Cycle-Optimized Indicators
 Many more customizable indicators
 Create/modify indicators via tymoraScript
 Easily overlay VWAP, Pivots, and KPPs
 MTF buttons track trend, stochs, and bartime
 Tracks up and down volume on each bar
 Tracks high/low order on each bar
 Create and chart baskets of stocks
 Chart linking & hotkeys for quick asset change
 Open up to 36 chart windows at a time
tymoraPRO tradeSCAN MultiVU Features
 Easily track alerts after they trigger
 Create multiple alert-based watch lists
 Make asset groups by sector or by portfolio
 Sort lists in real-time by over a dozen criteria
 Sort by NetChange, VWAP, Relative Strength, and more
 Monitor ChartTrends on all timeframes
 Monitor volume levels, key breakouts, daily SMAs
 Hotkeys to add or remove assets, or load for execution
 Create sorted browser-based chart montages
 Accessible by scripting via tymoraScript
tymoraPRO tradeSCAN DepthVU/Level2 Features
 Track Market-Makers, ECN Books, and Forex/Futures Depth (datafeed-dependent)
 See Top-Ranked Market-Makers/Exchanges and Movement Statistics
 Optionally group prices by tymoraPRO's volatility-adjusted "level-size"
 Monitor Tick/Volume Ratios (with meters), Large Blocks, and Outside Print Activity
 View complete time & sales, along with any news or alerts on current symbol
 Key+mouse combinations available for quick order entry and execution
 Easily link multiple charts to change in sync with DepthVU symbol
tymoraPRO tradeSCAN Order Manager Features
 Easily track and trade multiple portfolios simultaneously (with training mode)
 Roll-up toggle lets you see average price or individual position entries
 Easily adjust orders with keyboard/mouse/wheel and special Order Modify Window
 Voice features and after-hours checks to reduce order entry errors
 Supports managed OCA orders, stops, trailing stops (by price or %), and GTC orders
tymoraPRO tradeSCAN Order Manager Features
 Quickly access many key data points, averages, and fundamental data
 See Relative-Strength Ranking of Asset, as well as a Daily Sector RS Ranking
 Scours the Internet for related news (including twitter, thelion, and many more)
 Tracks SEC insider trading alerts, with links for viewing insider's trading statistics
 Easily access many other Internet tools, longer-term charts, and much more...