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What charting indicators does tymoraPRO offer?

Solution By using tymoraScript, you could create just about any type of charting indicator you want. tymoraPRO offers a base set of indicators, most with a proprietary twist of some sort, that have been shown through our research to provide a distinct edge for a particular type of analysis. Current indicators available include Automatic Trend Lines, Stochastics, CCI/Turbo, Spikes, Linear Regression, Trend, Trading Bands (would be similar to a cycle-adjusted bollinger band), CVD (similar to OBV - On Balance Volume - Cumulative Volume Delta, as described in Active Trader Magazine), Volume Moving Average, Volume By Price, 200-50-20 Simple Moving Averages, and Float Range and 50% Float Range on Daily Chart. Other indicators include Volume-Based 3 Point Break, Cycle-Optimized StochCCI (combining the best aspects of CCI & Stochastics), MACDs, GMMAs (Guppy Multiple Exponential Moving Averages), ATR, Acceleration Bands, Chandelier Stops, SAR, Keltner bands, SRI, BarTime, Cycles, LSMAs (Least-Squares Moving Average), and many more.

For anyone who's been sucked in by these informercials of "trading made easy", only to be sorely dissappointed, we welcome you to give tymoraPRO a try. We'll never say that trading is easy, because trading requires a significant level of patience and discipline. But with a tymoraPRO trading package, you may very well have a shot at that infomercial "dream".
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