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Where is my free trial email with my userid/password?

Solution Note that the userid and password you use on the website is DIFFERENT than the userid and password you will use to access the tymoraPRO tradeSCAN Windows client on your desktop. Once you log into the website, select "FREE TRIAL" from the tymoraPRO drop-down menu. Once you complete the short registration form, you should immediately see your tymoraPRO userid and password on the "Members" tab of the website.

You should also receive an additional email providing you with the same information. If you have trouble receiving emails from us, make sure that our emails are not being directing to your SPAM folder. If you use for your email, that could also be the problem as we've had many intermittent problems sending emails to yahoo in the past.

You should receive your free-trial email within 15-30 minutes that you sign up for one. If you have a SPAM filter, be sure to allow emails from: and Also check your spam folder or "unknown sender" folder if you have one. If you still do not receive our emails, be sure to let us know via the contact page and also be sure to leave us a phone number where we can reach you (since our emails don't seem to be reaching you). You can also try contacting us via skype at "".
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