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If tymoraPRO is so powerful, why are you offering access to it?

Solution Guess Alexander just wanted to show off his creation to the world! First of all, tymoraPRO is not meant to be some black-box trading system that traders can follow blindly. tymoraPRO should be considered your greatest support tool while navigating the wild and crazy markets for the best opportunities.

In fact, tymoraPRO was originally created by Alexander because no other product could analyze the markets in the way that he wanted to see them for his own trading. Over time, tymoraPRO blossomed into a full-fledged trading powerhouse platform that can be used by anyone to have a greater shot at trading success.

tymoraPRO offers advances in so many areas of trading -- and offers so many potential opportunities based on such a wide selection of criteria -- that it is highly unlikely that traders will be stepping on each others toes while using tymoraPRO. If one trader missing the "ideal entry" into a stock, there is always another opportunity to consider a moment later.

If you want a sampling of the powerful real-time alerts generated by tymoraPRO, you can follow @tymorapro on twitter.
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