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How come tymoraPRO is not compatible with more brokers?

Solution tymoraPRO's execution handler offers many more features above a broker's normal back-end order execution system. We also look to continually adjust the order-handling algorithms to assure that executions will be the best possible given the routing venues available through a particular firm. We have decided to focus our integration to a few key back-end systems that offer superior service, pricing, quotes, and order-execution as opposed to trying to link to as many systems as possible. Not only would this be a headache to support, especially for inferior back-end technology, but more resources would have to be dedicated to keeping all the handlers up to date. So, unless a firm is willing to make a minimum commitment to tymoraPRO that would cover the additional support and development requirements, it is simply not worth our effort. Why may a firm not want to make such an investment? Well, not only could it potentially reveal the weaknesses of their own platform, the added cost may also cut into their profit margins as well. And, despite the tremendous added value, their goals are generally to maximize their own profit potential, not yours.
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