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Why am I not seeing quotes in tymoraPRO using ActiveTick?


It is possible that you disabled your exchange permissions in ActiveTick.  You can check this from the tymoraPRO ActiveTick Handler (the window titled "TYM ATK Handler Server").  If it says "SymbolNoPerm" in the status bar, it is likely your ActiveTick exchange permissions are disabled.  To correct the problem, log into your account and goto the following page.  Most boxes should be set to "On", at least for the main stock exchanges.  TotalView, Forex, and Option quotes are optional.  After you update your settings by clicking "Update Subscriptions" on the webpage, you should be set to go almost immediately!  Just rerun the tymoraPRO ActiveTick handler, and you should begin seeing live quotes!  If you still have trouble, try restarting tymoraPRO as well.

ActiveTick Exchange Permissions Page

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