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Can traders use tymoraPRO to trade over the Internet?

Solution Yes! Traders can connect to the servers through the internet and use tymoraPRO from a remote location. However, the bandwidth of your internet connection will determine how much data you can receive. If you propose to monitor several stocks with DepthVU data, multiple charts, etc, you will need a high-speed connection. For maximum reliability we in fact recommend dual broadband connections (ie. cable + dsl) attached through a load balancing (dual wan) router for redundancy. Any active trader who has experienced even a short internet outage while caught in a trade will find this to be an invaluable solution that will alleviate many of the issues faced by short-term traders. Those who are more computer-savvy may want to look into a pfSense-based multi-wan solution.

For those who are more interested in basic mobile/browser-based alert-only solutions, we are looking to create an offering for this niche.

In the meantime, we do offer a sampling of the powerful real-time alerts generated by tymoraPRO via twitter! You can follow us via your favorite browser or mobile twitter apps @tymorapro.
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