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Part of tymoraPRO can't seem to connect to the Internet - Please HELP!


If tymoraPRO (or one of its components such as tymoraPRO Update, or one of the data feed or order execution handlers) seems to be having trouble connecting to the Internet, yet Internet access appears to be working for your other programs, make sure that your Windows Firewall and/or Antivirus Software is not blocking it from operating properly!

The following list offers some more troubleshooting tips if you are still having problems:

 * If you use any type of Windows firewall on your desktop, make sure you allow both incoming and outgoing connections for all tymoraPRO-related applications otherwise tymoraPRO will not operate properly.

 * For Passage Through Firewalls, you'll need to open the following ports:

   tymoraPRO TCP Base Ports 6550, 6555, 6558, 6565, and 6570

   For tymoraPRO Load Balancing, Ports 6571-6600 must also be Open

   Other ports may be required as well for Order Execution and/or Data Feeds

 * In tymoraPRO, Use Help/Config to Custom Configure tymoraPRO's Operational Settings.

 * At a minimum, you should subscribe to real-time data for the following exchanges for tymoraPRO to work properly: AMEX, NYSE, NAS Lev2

 * If you are accessing through a Proxy Server, once you are in tymoraPRO, go to Help / Config

  and modify the "Proxy=" setting in accordance with the following:

  For HTTP: H100.100.100.100:80

  For SOCKS: S100.100.100.100:1080

  If you have problems with this, you could try a Windows Proxy Redirector such as

  SocksCap, WinGate Redirector (for WinGate Users), or Microsoft's own Redirector.


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