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Can I run tymoraPRO on a Linux or Mac OSX system or VPS?


Yes!  tymoraPRO can run under a Linux or Mac OSX desktop or cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) using the latest version of WINE (

For Max OSX, your easiest choice may be to use the CrossOver version of Wine (, or WineBottler for more tech-savvy users (  Also check out for more information.

However, there are some issues that you may face in doing so. For example, if you use a data feed or order execution handler that requires certain Windows features (such as .NET 4.0), you may have some issues with those depending on how compatible they are with Mono (, the open-source version of Windows .NET).

You should be able to install tymoraPRO via Wine by running:

wine tymora.exe

And follow the normal installation procedure, which should also create new desktop icons.

If you need to run tymoraPRO directly (ie. you can't find the icon), and the installation procedure succeeded, you should be able to start tymoraPRO from its home directory (from console):

cd /home/user/.wine/drive_c/TymData
wine tymtrdr.exe

We've also attempted to address some other issues you may face below:

  * If you get the error "Unable to get ping handle":

    (from console) Login as root -> sudo /bin/bash
    Chown .wine dir -> chown root:root -R /home/user/.wine
    Start tymoraPRO in its home directory (../.wine/drive_c/TymData) -> wine tymtrdr.exe
* If some symbols appear to be missing from some tymoraPRO windows (ie. up/down arrows on 
DepthVU and ChartVU), you need to add the symbol.ttf font to your Wine Setup.

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