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Is training available to maximize my tymoraPRO trading experience?

Solution Forget about "Momentum Trading" - tymoraPRO traders focus on PRE-MOMENTUM trading! We enter a position when tymoraPRO's tape, charts, and proprietary indicators show steady trending price and volume action. We then sit back and wait for the frenzied momentum buyers (or sellers for short positions) to storm in trying to get a piece of the action, causing price and volatility to soar through the roof. At that point, we close out our position and look for the next opportunity. With tymoraPRO, the basic trading methodology is so streamlined that it can be over 80% mechanical, with the balance falling to prudent risk-management and a bit of raw common sense. There are multiple videos available in the tymoraPRO demos and support section of the website that serve to offer an overview of many of tymoraPRO's unique features. It is also recommended that you download the tymoraPRO user's manual (in the download section) and read that as well. You can also check out Alexander's blog for new market insights.

If you're interested in mentoring and/or joining a live trading group, definitely check out the Virtual Trading Floor at stockguy22, where Alexander and other traders share insights and exchange ideas in real-time throughout the trading day. The integrated scanning technology used by stockguy22 is also based on alerts from tymoraPRO.

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