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How do I sign up to use tymoraPRO with Dukascopy Forex for quotes and executions?

As a third-party technology provider for the Dukascopy FX BANK, you are able to use tymoraPRO to trade through their ECN-based forex platform.  You also receive free access to Dukascopy's 9-level deep JForex SWFX ECN book for use in tymoraPRO. Even better, if you decide to trade forex and stocks (for example), you can multiplex datafeeds from multiple brokers (ie. ActiveTick + Dukascopy) to access your preferred stock feed and forex feed simultaneously in tymoraPRO.

Dukascopy provides you with direct access to its Swiss FX Marketplace (SWFX) Electronic Communications Network, which specializes in providing institutional liquidity and instant execution for foreign exchange. SWFX takes out the middleman by directly combining pools of liquidity from other exchanges, institutions, market-makers, and traders. With SWFX, you won't have to worry about Dukascopy taking the other side of your trade, or sitting on your stop and holding back on fills in a fast market.

Via SWFX, you receive the same market rates and executions as professionals, institutions, banks and hedge funds. Spreads for key pairs such as #EURUSD can at times be as low as 0.00001 (fractions of a single PIP). Compare that with many other forex brokers / "bucket shops" with a 2-5 PIP average spread (albeit "without" commissions). Also consider how your orders are handled (or ignored) in a fast market, and then decide for yourself which venue will give you the best chance of success in the highly-leveraged foreign exchange arena.

In lieu of the standard "no commission" PIP-spread model, Dukascopy charges a small commission per trade. Dukascopy's standard commission schedule decreases even further depending on your account size and volume traded. To make sure your account is compatible with tymoraPRO, make sure you reference IA# 9202 (Dukascopy Europe, with a minimum account size of US$100), or IA# 9190 (Dukascopy Bank SA, with a minimum account size of US$5000) when you sign up for a Dukascopy account. We also ask that you contact us directly, so that we can verify that your Dukascopy JForex account has been properly established.

Dukascopy also offers a Swiss Custodian Banking Service, which enables you to maintain your funds at other banks such as Merrill Lynch, EFG, Barclays, Banque de Commerce et de Placement (BCP), Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique S.A. (CBH), and others. With this solution, you can safely and confidentially maintain your capital at the bank of your choice, while still maintaining all the benefits of a direct Dukascopy forex trading account.

Your deposits are also very safe at Dukascopy as well, as it is licensed as a Swiss Bank with a 100,000 CHF insurance guarantee per account (so yes, you can now have your own legal Swiss Bank account)!
June 15, 2010 GENEVA - Dukascopy Swiss Forex Marketplace becomes Dukascopy Bank.

Dukascopy – Swiss Forex Marketplace, the Forex Dealer based in Geneva, and one of the largest liquidity aggregators in the world has received its Banking Authorization from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and becomes “Dukascopy Bank” Created in 2004, the company has grown from 2 to 130 employees. With about 100’000 visitors per day through internet, Dukascopy has become a reference in the Forex Industry. Its internet TV already generates more than 110 regular topics and updates per day. “The Banking Authorization is a confirmation of a successful transition and an upgrade of Dukascopy’s organization. The changes that have been orchestrated within the Company’s infrastructure were conducted by a committed team that has designed a new Corporate Governance and an Internal Control System in line with Swiss Banking requirements”, said Laurent Bellières, CFO of Dukascopy Bank. “It is a tremendous accomplishment for our team which has passed FINMA’s rigorous screening while managing to develop the business to confidently sail past the financial crisis. The banking license represents an important step for our long term development. Dukascopy now opens its doors for partnerships, to provide its advanced technology via a new White Label Solution.” said Alain Broyon, CEO of Dukascopy Bank. Dukascopy Bank SA will keep its Electronic Communication Network business model while increasing its business relationships with other banks, institutions, High Net worth Individuals and retail clients. “We are one of few Forex Marketplaces in the world and our business model based on technology and transparency is the reason behind our success. With about a transaction taking place every second, Dukascopy continues to develop more efficient systems for the industry” said Dr Andre Duka, CTO of Dukascopy Bank. Already established as an industry leader among professionals and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Dukascopy has recently granted access to retail investors and now serves all market segments. The Banking Authorization will offer added security and value to the clients of the Bank and allow a substantial growth in all market segments, especially in the interbank relations sector, which has been rapidly developing. All media inquires and detailed information will be answered upon request. Contact Dukascopy Bank SA Dukascopy Communication ICC, Route de Pre-Bois 20 +41 22 799 4888 1215 Geneva 15 Switzerland
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