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Is there any kind of tymoraPRO trading group available?

Solution If you're interested in having a mentor and/or joining a live trading group, check out the Virtual Trading Floor at stockguy22, where Alexander and other traders share insights and exchange ideas in real-time throughout the trading day. The integrated scanning technology used by stockguy22 is also based on alerts from tymoraPRO. We do also have a small trading group in the form of a multi-member LLC (known as Yourika Capital LLC), geared towards disciplined active traders. The select few members that are accepted trade in a sub-account of the LLC risking our capital and must be highly motivated, focused, and disciplined traders who have a passion AND respect for the markets. Yourika Capital LLC is not a brokerage firm, and it does not offer employment opportunities to traders. It is a private limited liability corporation formed to manage and trade its own brokerage account. By becoming a member of the LLC, you are given the authority to trade in the company's account. Funds and profits that have been cleared and settled may be withdrawn on a monthly basis.
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